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Does any of Nvidia Cards TV out function properly?
My BFG 9600GT will not stop flickering no matter what I do. I have looked at a bunch of forums and tried SEVERAL ideas, but none work. FLICKER!
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  1. Might want to describe what you have, and what your trying to do. Don't forget that what you have also includes how you have everything hooked up.
  2. Asus A8N-E
    2 GB memory
    BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT OC2 512MB

    Just trying to use svideo out to svideo in on tv using tv out function.

    Recognizes tv but all attempts to get an un - flickered screen have failed.

    I have used ATI in the past so this is my first attempt at TV-OUT from

    Nvidia. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Oops! Wrong card.
    BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT OCX 512MB
  4. Honestly it seem like tv-out has gotten worse and worse every year both with Nvidia and with ATI starting around 2004 or so. I never had any problems with cards before that. Whether it's flickering, tearing, problems detecting the display, it seems that video out is much less plug and play than it used to be.
  5. My HD4850 works like a champ. My 9550 work well, although a bit choppy for an older card. I have read many postings that Nvidia seems to have a few problems that never seem to get answers on.
    I guess it could be me!?!
  6. If the 4850 works, then it should work. Probably a setting in the drivers. Which one and where, I have no idea. I'm not that familiar with the Nvidia drivers. I used an 8800GS s-video out, had no problems.
  7. Anyone else using Nvidia card with s-video out that works.
    Thanks for the 8800GS. I'll see if I can find one.
  8. Is the s-video your only option to connect to the TV? What is the model of your TV.

    S-video is a very low resolution.

    If your TV has DVI, HDMI or Component Video you will have a much better performance.

    If you are stock with S-Video option try to adjust the refresh rate of video card and that should remove the flickering. Most video card set a low refresh rate for svideo. Set it close to 60HZ.
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