Flashing Asus 5970 BIOS. Quick question!


I had to come here and ask, not going to brick the 5970. I followed this video here on Youtube (Copy and paste isn't working?? WTH.) The video is called "How to Flash ATI Radeon BIOS (HD4xxx/5xxx)"

I typed "atiflash -p 0 ati.rom", without quotes, and it said Flash drive has already been formatted or something odd. I used the Asus 5970 BIOS off TechPowerUp and used RBE to turn it into a .rom file.

I think the issue is that the 5970 is a crossfire card. I read that the Master and Slave BIOS are different. Do I have to make two seperate files (.rom's) for the Master and Slave for this to work?

What command do I use for this to work?

I'm confused!! I couldn't use the .exe from the Asus website as apparently it doesn't work in x64 vista/Win7.

Thank you!
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  1. Ok, the first post was confusing.

    I keep reading everywhere that for a single dual-gpu card solution (aka 5970, 4870x2, etc.) that I need a separate Master and Slave BIOS. I have looked at the VGA BIOS Database on techPowerUp as the .exe files provided by Asus on their website does not work in x64 Windows.

    It seems they have the newest BIOS revision posted on said link (AS03) but they only have the Master version for download. The previous version however they have the proper master and slave BIOS's as seperate .bin downloads.

    I almost flashed my 5970 (slave and master) with the Master BIOS of the newest released Asus BIOS. Would this be OK?

    I assume not as they must include master and slave BIOS for a reason. I have been searching for a way to convert .exe to .bin/.rom and all I could find was a program called LiteFirm which hasn't been updated since 2002 and only seems to work on 32-bit systems, if it even works in Windows 7.

    Help please?

  2. I flashed my old 5970 with Sapphire Bios, it wasnt a .exe though, they had something .OC8 extension. Hers the threat:


    I tried flashing my card with the ASUS bios and it was failing, I think its because ASUS cards have reversed master. Is your card an Asus or your trying to get smart Doctor running? :na:

    And No dont try to edit the Bios! Thers no Bios editing out yet for 5xxx series yet. It may brick the card.
  3. Well, had to resort to an older version of the BIOS available on techpowerup. The new BIOS only had a master version. The master for Asus cards is 0 and the slave is 1 when using atiflash.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. How does flashing a gpu help?? :o
  5. Starges said:
    How does flashing a gpu help?? :o

    It may be the only way to fix some issues.
  6. Mousemonkey said:
    It may be the only way to fix some issues.

    Oh... and does that void the warranty??

    And what issues might that be?
  7. Starges said:
    Oh... and does that void the warranty??

    And what issues might that be?

    If it's a certified BIOS then no, the warranty should still be OK as for the issues, I don't know what the OP is trying to achieve but I have long suspected that the reason for the GSOD problems that some users have been experiencing may well be a BIOS issue rather than a driver one.
  8. So that means that gpu makers like ATI offer bios updates for their gpus, or do specific vendors like MSI & Saphire do that?
  9. It's usually left to the AIB's as in the vendors like MSI or XFX etc due to different clockspeeds used by different vendors in their different versions although Nvidia have apparently got a new BIOS for the GTX480 which I would have thought would go straight to the AIB's so that the cards can be flashed before they go on sale.
  10. Its also good for bypassing the overclocking limits set by CCC :D

    But not recommended if you don't know what your doing, as you can end up with a expensive paper weight.
  11. Rustyy117 said:
    Its also good for bypassing the overclocking limits set by CCC :D

    Really... that sounds promising ;)
  12. Actually the Asus Bios allows for voltage higher than 1.30, up to 1.45v. But I had to flash it to make fan control working. But 1.45v without hardware mod is amazing if you got water.
  13. I had to reset the BIOS basically because the clock speeds on my second GPU got borked somehow. In idle, it would be 157/600 instead of 157/300. Oddly enough, when overclocked to 725/1000, the 2nd GPU was 725/2000... rig crashed shortly afterward thought it might have fried the damn thing.

    How that happened.... I have no idea, just glad it is fixed!
  14. I'm trying to flash the bios with the files from Asus. But my system hanged. Can i restart it ? Is there any problem if i restart ?
  15. Restart, it just didnt flash, The Asus for the 5970 mislead the master and slave GPU, hence freeze but the cards still works as nothing is flashed, anyway even if you misflash like I did with the 5850 many times, you can just pop the card as slave and reflash it using 1 instead of 0 in the command line. Sapphire bios allows 1.30v for the 5970, I dont think its a good idea to put more than that on a 5970, they dont even need it as they have handpicked low voltage 5870 Cores.
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