Memory upgrade: any extra steps?

I'm planning to upgrade the memory on my system (from 2Gb to 6Gb), and reckon I have all the necessary steps down:

1. Upgrade hard drive (well, this isn't necessary but as I lack the hard drive space for step 2 it is necessary for me :P)

2. Upgrade from Vista 32-bit to 7 64-bit

3. Install the extra RAM

Is there anything I have to do afterwards in the BIOS? I don't want to overclock the memory at all - I just want it to work at its default rating (the Crucial advisor tool assures me that this is the same as my existing RAM).

I gather from searching that (unless there's something wrong with the RAM or I don't install it properly) it should "Just Work (tm)" if I install the extra RAM and then turn the machine on as normal after putting the case panel back on.
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    Plug in, turn on, should be fine. You may want to do a BIOS upgrade first just to ensure you get all the latest RAM compatability updates/fixes for your motherboard.
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