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Need Advice for my 480s

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a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 9:52:58 PM

The past couple weeks I have been doing my best to receive an NVIDIA 480 on or around April 12th.

To sum it up, I currently have preorders at:

1. Amazon
3. Newegg
4. Zipzoomfly

I have no need for four cards. In fact, I only need one. I preordered multiple cards at four different locations because of the limited availability of the 480. I don't want to wait until May to get it. I'm hoping one of those places will get me a fermi on/before release date... To give you an idea why, I built a computer 2 months ago which STILL requires a video card and I've been waiting patiently to try this rig out.

So here lies my problem. If two cards or more ship on the same day, I'm screwed. Again, I only need one. I'm hoping to cancel the others as soon as the first ships, but this may not be the case.

So my question is, how the hell would I get rid of one or more?

For example, if amazon and newegg ships on the same date, newegg's return policy is VGA replacement only, so I cannot get a full refund. I would have to sell it elsewhere... Even if the retailer lets me return it, I'm stuck paying $20 shipping it back. I'd hate to lose money on this.

How much do you guys think it would go for on ebay? I have to break even.... To give you a cost idea:

Per card, I paid (or will pay):

Card ($400)
Overnight shipping ($25)
ebay fees ($20+)
paypal fees ($15+)

Totaling around +$460 per card. Do you guys think I can get that amount, worst case scenario?

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a c 1648 U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 9:58:43 PM

Wait a week when everybody is dried out of them and put them up on ebay, you could make a handsome profit. Some people did on the HD58xx cards.
a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 10:02:33 PM

Yeah, if they are going to be rare/hard to find items. The people on eBay will eat them up for more than retail price so you'll be fine. Just sell any extra cards on eBay.
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a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 10:05:23 PM

Where are you getting 400 dollar prices for a GTX 480 ?

Flip a coin, right now and cancel 3 of the cards. Whats the dilemna. Newegg I didn't know accepted pre-orders ?
a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 11:44:07 PM

Error on my part, I meant to say 500.

Thinking about it more made me realize that it is truly a gamble.

If I get rid of the preorders and it is hard to get, I may be waiting until May-June for my video card (Depending upon which preorder I stayed with)

If I stay with the preorders and the are extremely easy to pick up, I probably lost a lot of money, as I more than likely wouldn't be able to sell them over list price (again, I'm trying to compensate for ebay/paypal/shipping fees).

But who knows... Only time will tell the true availability of these things