Need Advice for my 480s

The past couple weeks I have been doing my best to receive an NVIDIA 480 on or around April 12th.

To sum it up, I currently have preorders at:

1. Amazon
3. Newegg
4. Zipzoomfly

I have no need for four cards. In fact, I only need one. I preordered multiple cards at four different locations because of the limited availability of the 480. I don't want to wait until May to get it. I'm hoping one of those places will get me a fermi on/before release date... To give you an idea why, I built a computer 2 months ago which STILL requires a video card and I've been waiting patiently to try this rig out.

So here lies my problem. If two cards or more ship on the same day, I'm screwed. Again, I only need one. I'm hoping to cancel the others as soon as the first ships, but this may not be the case.

So my question is, how the hell would I get rid of one or more?

For example, if amazon and newegg ships on the same date, newegg's return policy is VGA replacement only, so I cannot get a full refund. I would have to sell it elsewhere... Even if the retailer lets me return it, I'm stuck paying $20 shipping it back. I'd hate to lose money on this.

How much do you guys think it would go for on ebay? I have to break even.... To give you a cost idea:

Per card, I paid (or will pay):

Card ($400)
Overnight shipping ($25)
ebay fees ($20+)
paypal fees ($15+)

Totaling around +$460 per card. Do you guys think I can get that amount, worst case scenario?
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  1. Wait a week when everybody is dried out of them and put them up on ebay, you could make a handsome profit. Some people did on the HD58xx cards.
  2. Yeah, if they are going to be rare/hard to find items. The people on eBay will eat them up for more than retail price so you'll be fine. Just sell any extra cards on eBay.
  3. Where are you getting 400 dollar prices for a GTX 480 ?

    Flip a coin, right now and cancel 3 of the cards. Whats the dilemna. Newegg I didn't know accepted pre-orders ?
  4. Error on my part, I meant to say 500.

    Thinking about it more made me realize that it is truly a gamble.

    If I get rid of the preorders and it is hard to get, I may be waiting until May-June for my video card (Depending upon which preorder I stayed with)

    If I stay with the preorders and the are extremely easy to pick up, I probably lost a lot of money, as I more than likely wouldn't be able to sell them over list price (again, I'm trying to compensate for ebay/paypal/shipping fees).

    But who knows... Only time will tell the true availability of these things
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