Keeps on restarting if i attatch my hdd other wise boots up fine

hello, my pc keeps on restarting, sometimes without even the display to come. Or sometime after the display has been shown. I can never go past the bios. If i remove the hdd it boots up fine and stays on for unlimited time, but asks for a bootin disk. Same goes with my other hdd....both bootup fine on my other pc.

Western Digital 250GB
Gigabyte GA P35DS3L
750 watts
4 gb ram(tried one ram, all work fine on other pc)

The VOLTAGES from psu are fine too.

i have refered to the "Step by step guide to build a pc" and "Perform these steps before posting no video". Also my pc worked fine for few months, i turned it off the next day i got this :(. I've tried re attaching all the components too
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  1. What brand is your PSU? Tried with another one?
  2. yup, same.
  3. Got to be the video card. Tried some other drivers?
  4. i dont think so as i am stuck on the boot lol, drivers have no rule there
  5. Change the battery on the mobo, maybe it's low.
  6. first open up your component and try them out side of your pc case , clean them with air pressure .
    it is so strange!!! may be both of your PSUs work wrong ?
    Did you use some kind raid for your HDD?
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