Alarming CrystalDiskInfo Host writes on Intel SSD 320 120gb

I got my intel 320 120gb ssd last year in June or August, and i made sure i disabled everything that should harm an ssd in a long run but recently i noticed an alarming 8.61TB host writes on my ssd. I'm afraid this will permanently damage the ssd in a near future as i recall reading that 15TB is the limit for intel 320 series.

I'm sorry about the foreign language in the picture above. If you want me to translate anything please say.

My specs are:
Intel i5 750 oced at 3.8ghz
16gb of ram (upgraded recently from 4gb, and still the host writes increased 0,02 TB in just about 3 days)

Is this software reliable or should i ignore these numbers?

I may have forgot to turn anything else in my windows besides prefetch and superfetch etc. I hope you could help me.

Thank you in advance!
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    Turning off prefetch and superfetch will help. Your SSD searches faster than fetching.

    Also there is a free program called SSD Life that checks life of your SSD.

    Download the freeware version.
  2. I just tried this software you recommended and this is what i got:

    Nearly 9 years left! If this is true than this is really great, although how reliable should this be?

    Also what is the limit of host writes on intel 320 ssds? It can be 15Tb after all!

    And yes i got prefetch and superfetch disabled.

    Thank you in advance!
  3. Actually, it's expected that SSD drives would last that long. If you are really skeptical it would be around 5-7 years.
  4. the other big writer to ssd and hd is windows cache files. also check that windows restore is turned off for the ssd.
  5. Should also turn of indexing. Go to Start->Computer->Right click your SSD drive->Uncheck/Untick Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properites
  6. Well, with all that done, i was able to notice what was causing it. I turned on a missing tab about write bytes on the task manager under "Processes", the biggest writes come from firefox. It can write a few gigabytes\day if i have a reasonable amount of tabs opened.

    Now that i got 16gb of ram i hope the number of writes caused by the windows PageFile diminishes because previously i was able to fill my 4gb of ram pretty easly!

    Now my last question is: how much TB of data can an intel 320 120GB withstand until it fails?
    I did my search and i got mixed results, some claim that it is 15TB and others claim that it can go as higher as 600TB. Which one is more close to the truth i'll leave for you to awnser :)
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