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Hd 5770 overclock

Hey guys,
I recently installed an Ati Radeon 5770 by sapphire on my pc. It ran fine until i tried to overclock, now whenever the windows previews come up, or the loading screen comes up, it gets these strange horizontal lines that flicker, but gameplay is fine... no idea what to do when not overclocked, it doesn't do any of this. (it stays under 60 degrees too)

system specs.

hp8200n pc
500w psu
amd athlon 6000 cpu running at 3.0ghz
ati hd 5770
4 gigs ram at 667mhz
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  1. Apparently you got a card that is not overclock-able (2d mode), it is just the luck of the draw.
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    This is actually a known issue. It has to do with the idle clocks/voltages dropping extra low when the Catalyst Control Center Overdrive is enabled. If you notice, when you are NOT overclocked, your idle core clock will probably be 400MHz or so, but when you start OCing, that clock will drop to like 157MHz. The idle memory clock is 1200 I think, but when OCed that also drops. I believe this is what causes the flickering you see. (My 5750's do the same thing). I think you can fix it with some messing with the BIOS and raising the idle clocks/voltages, but I've not tried so I can't tell you exactly how. A little googling on that and you should be able to find the info you need.

    rolli59- I don't think thats true, just doesn't like the super-low idle clocks. Some cards may not have the problem because they can handle it, but it seems to be quite a common problem, even when the cards overclock quite well.
  3. I think he's only having issues on windows startup. If that's the case, just ignore it.
  4. wow flyinfinni you're spot-on it's going to 157 mhz core clock at idle... thanks and if anyone has anything else they tried to do to fix this please tell me
  5. does anyone think that another overclock utility would help (rivatuner, etc)
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