Fan speed controller only take 2 pin and 3 pin fans =(

Hi there,

I'm a freak about computer noise, I hate it. Hence the reason I ordered a Fan Speed controller.

4 out of 7 fans on/in my case have four or three pins, however, 3 of them do not. Those three fans are CoolerMaster Storm Force RED LED Fans (200mm). The power source for that is 2 pin molex. There is no sensor pinso my fan speed controler wont accept it.

Is there any way i can do a fan mod and add the sensor pins? I have fairly good soldering skills.
Or If I connect this to the motherboard is there a software that can control fan speeds?

I'd prefer doing fan mod to add a 3rd sensor pin.
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    Try these out. You will not get the sensor function but it will still speed and slow down the fan.
  2. Oh I see.

    So the sensor wire isn't necessary? Just for Reading its RPM?

    I really don't care about reading the RPM. I just want to control speeds.

    Basically, all I got to do is convert the two pin molex to 3 pin fan and it will work?
  3. Yes, if your fan is a 2 pin molex there is no sensor. It will just be the power and ground connected to your controller. The resistors in the fan will tell the fan how much of the power it is getting.You will not know the exact RPM but, unless you have a feeling the fan is going bad there is really no reason that you need it.
  4. Thanks a lot man.

    Another problem I ran into lol. If the fan has no sensor wire, my speed controller says its sunning at 0 RMP, therefore cutting the power to the fan :P. Works on my motherboard tho.

    What if I took the sensor wire from another fan that has one and used it for my Storm Force fan? I know the RPM display number would be wrong but will it at least bypass the no power issue?
  5. Can you post what controller and fans you are having trouble with?
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