Hard drive replacement for Dell inspiron 1525

I read the other post on this and the answer (which i totally did not understand) my question is this - I have installed a new hard drive (my other was damaged) in the Dell 1525 Inspiron , the hard drive physically installed - ran the diagnostic thing and the machine is recognizing the new hard drive but when i try to install my Windows XP -from the original disk from Windows - I get the message that there windows cannot find the hard drive???


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  1. Couple of Questions:
    1) Can you give some more details on the hard drive in question... Make, Model, Capacity... etc.

    2) Have you went into your BIOS to change the boot order to boot from the DVD first and not the hard drive. This will give you that error message.

    3) Is it failing to install from during a fresh install of Windows from the CD?
  2. XP...it may not be able to find the sata driver it needs.
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