Radeon HD 4200 resolution problem

I have a Radeon HD 4200 and can't seem to get the right resolution. Its a new build.

Issue is I can get up to 1920x1080 resolution in Win 7(64bit) but my Dell 24 inch S2409W LCD monitor has about an inch of wasted black space on all four sides. It won't allow any higher resolution and the driver is up to date. Kind of wasting my 24 inch monitor. Didn't have this issue back in the XP days with the same monitor and back then I was only using the VGA cable. Now I'm using the HDMI and poof I have issues. Granted it's probably a Radeon issue but I'm going to have to buy a new graphics card if this cannot be resolved.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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  1. Since your sying a Radeon 4200 this is the mobo's IGP am I correct? Yeah this is a weird problem, does the board come with a DVI port? Are you sure the monitors native resolution is 1920x1080?
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