Best Free Remote Desktop for Win. 7?

I am using windows 7 64bit Home Premium on my desktop and would like to find a way to use my netbook with ubuntu linux on it to connect to my windows 7 desktop at home. Is there a free alternative to do this? I tried doing some research online but there are so many options I dont even know where to begin. Besides there is no way of knowing if I can use linux to connect to windows 7 machine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I use LogMeIn Free exclusively for all my remote access. Love it. Works great. And IIRC, they do have a Linux client.
  2. I use LANoi pro with which i can directly RDP to my home,office PC. Faster screen update, printer, disk sharing, plug n play device access & much more with RDP plugins..
  3. LogMeIn site says that they dont recommend using it with Windows 7 due to potential data loss. Do you use it under Windows 7 fine?

    As for LANoi is it supported by linux also?

    Thanks for your suggestions. very much appreciate it.
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    I assume this is what you found:

    Does LogMeIn support Windows 7?
    LogMeIn officially supports Windows 7.

    Windows 7 has not been tested with LogMeIn Backup or Network Console. We do not recommend that you use Windows 7 with LogMeIn Backup at this time, due to the potential for data loss.

    That says it DOES support Windows 7 (hard to imagine it wouldn't given the potential loss of business from such a core product). What it DOESN'T support is LogMeIn Backup or Network Console. That's a completely different product.

    Remember too, there’s really isn’t any data to be lost w/ a remote desktop application anyway (iow, it doesn’t even make sense). But obviously one could imagine a data loss issue w/ a BACKUP application.

    And no, I personally haven't used it w/ Windows 7.
  5. you are right I didn't read it correctly. Ill definitely try out LogMeIn. Thanks for the suggestion.
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