Need help selecting parts


I am after abit of help for selecting parts for a gaming computer build i am about to start

I have already

Antec 1200 case
sapphire 4870

And i need the rest i was thinking of going on ebay and getting some sort of upgrade kit

and this psu

not to sure on hard drive DVD writer etc i have a g 15 keyboard and speakers also can any help me or see any complications that may arise when trying to do this build? i have never done it before so excuse if what im saying is ridiculous

i am wanting to upgrade in the future to a 5xxx series ati card so i can use eyefinity so with that kept in mind what do yous all think? and thanks for your time...
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  1. First... Welcome to Tom's Forum

    Second... Great case!! (I'm using it myself!! :D )

    Third... The CP-1000 is a nice PSU but I would go with the CP-850 or a Corsair or SeaSonic power supply. We also need to know if you plan to Crossfire down the road, which will determine the required wattage your PSU needs (Check out this thread... )

    Fourth... I would not build around an LGA 775 socket, since it is EOL. I would recommend going with an AM3 build, an i5/i7 or an i7 build. These are the new sockets and will provide better performance.

    Please review the template in this thread and edit your post using the template for better feedback...
  2. i would like the option to use crossfire but probably wont as i would just get a decent graphics card and at the end of the day this build will be for starcraft 2 diable and most of all mw2 with abit of crysis on the side

    not sure about i7 as they cost twice as much core i5 upgrade kit is 500au whick isnt so bad....
    so what do you think of this?

    i was going to try build an i7 but then rethought it because unfortunately it wont be taking up my life as i have a partner who moans every time i touch a computer not to mention is 750au i just want a system that will be able to use eyefinity in the future so what do i do?
  3. oh and i wanted that power supply but they have none on ebay in australia do you have any other model that would also fit my needs?
  4. also the sp-850 is only $20 more au then the cp-1000 are you sure the 850 is the way to go?
  5. ok quick update i done what you said and got the cp-850 so i am assuming all i need now is:

    dvd drive
    and soundcard
    monitor and mouse

    and i am going to run 64bit ultimate windows 7
  6. what do you think of two 150gb relociraptors in raid 0 config and adding at least 1tb wd hard drive later on for storing? i say this as i want to use this for gaming so i can get it up and running then add the 1tb when i have the money for other things
  7. ^ 7200.12 link doesnt work (the rest dont either), and even so, the F3 is a better bet, IMO. seagate just isnt as reliable in my experiences.
  8. Interesting?? Links work for me just fine, even on my iPhone.

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 is a great drive. I went with the Seagate as it was cheaper on that site. Either drive will perform nicely.
  9. hmmm, might just be me, but none of them work. and they are both technically even as far as specifications, however in my life, ive had 6 seagate drives fail, 2 Hitachi, and no WD or samsungs. so i guess its just personal experience. however, not the newegg reviews mean ANYTHING at all, but its interesting to compare the amount of 1 egg reviews between seagate 7200.12 and f3:

    just something i noticed.
  10. i like the price of the hard drives (compared to vraptors) thanks for making my build cheaper it just means it wont take as long to make. and i was thinking of sticking with a mouse i have until its made then upgrade when its going as i cant wait and my next purchase will be the 2 hard drive at the end of the week thanks for your help guys yous have no idea how easy you are making it for me
  11. do you think it would be better to get 3 24 inch screens or 3 22? i will only be getting one at the start though
  12. i was just looking a monitors my partner can get from her work (she works at a media company) what do you think of this and its cheaper then the vh222h
  13. It looks like a nice monitor and LG is a good brand.
  14. will i need a cpu cooler? what do you think is a good one? blue light as everything else is blue
  15. A CPU cooler is optional, but a very good idea if you're doing any overclocking. A blue LED cooler should be a secondary priority.
    You can always add a LED fan / LED case lights or other lighting mods.

    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    You can find a good review here:

    You could also get a very good CM Hyper 212 Plus and a replacement (or 2nd blue LED fan).
  16. hi again thanks everyone for there help!!! i was just wondering is it best to get the 2 500gb hard drives in raid and use them for storage aswell? or get smaller ones for raid and 1 big one for the storage?
  17. hi i have the two baracudda hard drives am i going to need another hard drive for storage so my computer is fast or what? thanks alot for your time
  18. Having two 500 hard drives in RAID0, you will not see any performance/speed increase by using a storage drive, as well. I would only look to hav one for backup or for excess music or movies.
  19. so no raid0 one for os and one for storage? thanks again
  20. but you told me this?

    hard drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - Hard drive - 500 GB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 rpm - buffer: 16 MB (ST3500418AS) x2 in RAID0 (Will be similar to your two 150GB VRaptor idea at a lot less money)
  21. 2x 7200.12 500GB in RAID 0 is what tecmo34 is recommending. Not the VR 150s.

    With 1TB of RAID 0 HDDs a separate 'storage drive' isn't needed.
  22. ok thanks but will those drives being full make the computer run slow? sorry im a noob that has only ever had slow computers and is over it
  23. How big a HDD are you using now? How full is it?
  24. WR2 said:
    2x 7200.12 500GB in RAID 0 is what tecmo34 is recommending. Not the VR 150s.

    With 1TB of RAID 0 HDDs a separate 'storage drive' isn't needed.

    Thanks for my answer :) :lol:

    Two 500GB drives in RAID0 (1TB) and a storage drive isn't really need unless you have a large movie collection. However, it will not increase performance by adding.
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