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Right first off i am having trouble with wiring my power switch to my motherboard , the wires coming from the switch are Black/White so i cant tell which is + an which is - , i know where it goes on the motherboard but will it matter if i put the - on the + and vice versa?

The second thing i need to ask about is , does anyone know of a decent PSU (650w+) fo under £55 ($85 USD)?

And my last thing is , can i crossfire a XFX HD4870 with a Sapphire HD4870 (Same clocks)?

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  1. Yes, you can CrossFire the two 4870s.

    As for PSU, a Corsair 650TX should be in your budget. As for the power switch, it shouldn't matter. But generally, black in negative.
  2. Thank you , do you know of a cheaper PSU?
  3. shadow is right. With the power and reset switches, polarity does not matter. The LED's are different. But if they do not work simply reverse the connector. You will not damage anything.
  4. I think the cheapest 650W PSU that has enough amps on the 12V rail(s) available in the UK is the OCZ Z Series 650W, which I know is still outside your price range, but I'm not aware of anything else that is cheaper and still good quality.
  5. what would happen if there is not enough amps , im a bit cautious , its my first pc build :/ and i dont want to damage 600 quids worth of stuff , as im only 15 , i cant afford to make a mistake.
  6. see i was looking at this


    but it looks crap tbh , so im not sure to go for it , thing is , its got all the connections i need , especially the 8 pin power connecter for my motherboard (MSI 790FX-GD70) which is difficult to find.
  7. ^ You can get a 4-8 pin converter. That shouldn't be a problem.

    Anyways, that Ebay seller doesn't list the manufacture, so I wouldn't bother.
  8. ok thanks for the advice , could you tell me the bare minimum wattage for my system , MSI 790FX-GD70 , AMD Athlon X4 630 , 4GB XMS3 ,2 hdd's (1 IDE , 1SATA) , 2 DVD Drives ( 1 IDE , 1 SATA) , 2 HD4870's (1 at them moment but ill probs add another one) , wireless card , 3 fans (1 cpu fan , 2 case fans) and case led's
  9. Oh and could you point out a decent 4-8 pin converter please, thanks.
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