Where are the (cheaper) 4TB 3.5" drives?

Anyone know? Over here in Australia a 4TB is $635 AUD for the Hitachi ultrastar and around $400 for the model below it. Still, anyone know what is taking so long for stock to appear and prices to drop especially compared to the 3TB models?
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    There are still worldwide shortages from last year's flooding in Thailand. Also the latest and greatest always costs more. I would only expect prices to come down on drives that large a little bit at a time.
  2. Eh, I've bought a 3TB from WD. It will suffice for now.
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  4. Hitachi is the only company to currently have a 4TB drive. The one you are looking at is the only model available on the market so if it is selling for a premium where you are, there is a reason for that.

    If you want a cheaper price you will have to drop down to a 3TB model where there is actually some decent competition.
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