NEW HD 5870 2GB or GTX 480???

Is the 2GB card the nail in GTX coffin???

Guys I saw this and I was wondering if it's worth it?
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  1. Where did you see this?
  2. And the bench's indicate the awnser is: Not worth it.
  3. You saw this and you wondered how you could also troll this. GJ:)?
    There isn't even a comparison of the 480 in it.
  4. You will only see benefits @ 2560x1600 but lmao even then its not even near from playable lol
    If they are around same price +-10$ I would take but not worth more.
    And no the 480 will win from a FPS perspective, though I am more waiting for the 5970 4GB which should get more benefit from it at such high resolutions.

    I would wait until they OC the card as it may OC less than the 1Gb actually as seen with previous generations.
  5. 68 frames not playable?

    But I agree, yep, It's a confirmed fail.
  6. Hmm, might have needed this for Oblivion. Too late now I guess.
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