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SO i have an asus rampage 3 formula and i just recently got the Gskill 6Gb 1600 from newegg. Ive checked each individual stick on my mobo and each seems to work alone however, when i have all three of them windows only detects 4 GB out of a possible 6 GB. I have no idea why my mobo is so finicky when it comes to memory-never had that problem ever before. NOt sure what to do,i know there are ways to go into your bios and somehow change settings but ive never done that so not sure how i could do that. ANyways here are my specs:

Asus rampage 3 formula
4GB Gskill 1600 (although i have 6GB installed)
corsair 750 W psu
1 5970 video card
intel i7 950 3.7 ghz

I hope someone has a solution!
Oh and ive wanted to upgrade my bios as i thought that might be the issue-anytime i try to download it tho it comes in ROM file and i have no idea how to extract that?
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  1. 64bit OS?
  2. yes sorry shouldve mentioned that. It is a win 7 64 bit
  3. another update: just ran the cpuz and it shows i have 6 gb memory. NOw im really confused as to why windows isnt picking up the 6 GB? Also in the cpu it shows for the channel # as dual...shouldnt it indicate tri instead of dual as i have 3 sticks?
  4. anyone...........?
  5. thegreatgatsby1 said:

    I am having the same problems with my mobo too. p6x58d-e corsair xm3 1600 6 gb. it only detects 4 gb, but cpuz detects full ram and triple channel, voltages? rma all? any one ?
  6. All matched memory sticks? Try Manual settings and a slight increase in voltage, but stay well within the RAM manufacturer's voltage max limits. Leave some headroom for a safety margin.
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