Anyone ever bought from

I want to purchase a couple CPU and PC components from

My question is: for the people who have bought from

When you claim for an RMA online, do they pay for return shipping (In case of defects)?

I've dealt with newegg in the past and they make you pay regardless.
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  1. I used to order from - one time I bought an accessory pack for a Nokia cellphone (case plus headset & car adapter), and they sent me 144 packs instead of the one I had ordered. Only billed me for the one however :P. So I called them up and told them of their mistake - they initially wanted me to haul the 143 unopened packs to the nearest Fedex depot but I said that would take two trips in my car so I'd just leave them piled up at my front door and they could make a pickup arrangement, which they did. Otherwise I'd have had quite the yard sale :P.

    However what turned me off from ordering from them was when I bought a 22" monitor with one of those mail-in rebates for $100. Filled out the rebate & sent in all the required materials, and then never got my check. Forget the name of the rebate handling outfit but there were tons of complaints about them all over the internet. So eventually I called's customer service but they said it was an issue between the rebate and the monitor manufacturer. So I told them I'd never buy from them again..
  2. I have bought from them. They sometimes have good deals but their website is cluttered compared to newegg. I had no complains got my rebate (from Corsair).
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