Should i upgrade my graphic card?

Hello guys.I want to ask your opinion before buy anything.Im studying and i have my old pc in my familys house.I dont want to upgrade anything else because im not using it a lot(only at holidays) and i have better one at my house.So my specifications are
AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4200+ DUAL CORE (939 socket 2.2GHZ)
ASROCK 939A785GMH/128M
my psu has 1 6-pin PCI-Express connector.
Unfortunately i cannot do much with overclocking my cpu because the last time i tried i fried my mobo when i reached 2.7GHZ( ASUS A8N32-SLI DELUXE) and i bought a cheap one(asrock) that does not have so much to tweak(2.3-4GHZ).So after that prologue to help you to understand the situation im coming in my question.Is it worth it to buy one 4770 or 5750 or my cpu will bottleneck them???(I forgot to mention that i dont care to play at high resolutions or very high details,i have a lcd 20 inch and i want to play COD MW2 because the 7600gt cant even in 800x600 with all the settings at off).
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  1. Personally I would say go ahead because your mobo supports PCI-e 2, but socket 939 and the RAM are both slow, I would recommend you do this and then wait until it eventually dies by itself.
  2. IT will decrease ur FPS in games.For more info ,U can read this:

    EDIT: U have slow ram too,It also slows down the pc!
  3. An HD5750 would be the most I'd ever put into that.
  4. shadow187 said:
    An HD5750 would be the most I'd ever put into that.

    But the CPU will bottleneck the GPU?
  5. I would say go for whatever card you want. Sure that cpu will bottleneck whichever cards you get, but your graphics will be a lot better. You can always carryover the new card when you upgrade your computer.
  6. There have been some good prices on HD4770, HD4850 and GTS250 on Newegg lately, those would be the max GPU's I would recommend. Even 9800GT would be a huge upgrade from 7600GT. $70 after MIR will get you one of those
  7. I would get this;
    Appropriate for you CPU, low power/heat, DX11 support, and it will play all current games well at low resolutions(1280x1024 and below.) It's also a rather nice version of the card at a good price.
  8. I think the HD5570 will be ok,HD5670 is also a powerful card!
  9. Unfortunately because of the money and because in my country 4850,4770 and 5670 have the same price(i wish i was in US) and i dont care about dx11 in this computer i finally bought powercolor 4770 512MB.After a small problem with the PCi not having enough resources and 0x000007f error i took out my audio card(SB audigy 4) and im with the onboard now and finally i can play COD MW2 at 1024x768 with almost high details:) Thanks for your help guys.
  10. It's a very good card for that resolution.
  11. Yea i see that.(if only was better the rest system will be perfect,especially the ram).Its amazing how the graphic cards are evoluting through the time and not only.But i recommend this card and you will be satisfied for sure!!
  12. Yeah, you definitely need another gig of ram.
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