Fan does not start after replacing power supply

I have an Aspire AX1700 and it got very hot made a popping sound and died. I replaced the power supply and the fan just jerks a little when I hit the power button but the computer does not start. Could it be the CPU in which case I will need to replace the fan also? I am pretty new in dissecting computers. Do you think?
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  1. everything works but the CPU fan?
  2. no, nothing happens when power button is depressed.
  3. you should have two power sources going to the motherboard. (1) 20+4 or 24pin connector plus a (2) 4pin or 8 pin connector near the CPU. make sure both are plugged in.
  4. yes, they are both inserted correctly
  5. unless you have a second motherboard or PSU, your best bet may be to take it to a shop to test out.

    you could have received a DOA PSU but more then likely your old blown PSU did some damage to your hardware.
  6. yeah, its very likely that the power supply took something, usually the motherboard, with it when it died.
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