Can the 5970 support 3D? Is the support comparable to the Nvidia tech

I'm going to purchase either the new GTX480 when they become available, or a nice 5970. I'm looking for the card that can support 3D, and still be powerful. I would rather get the ATI card, however, Nvidia's drivers for 3D allow for games that don't ship with a 3D option to be rendered in 3D. My question is, can the 5970 do something similar, or will I have to forgo the extra power for better implemented 3D?
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  1. Tom's just did an article on the subject. It might not be what you plan for your setup, but it has good info nonetheless.,2589.html
  2. That was indeed informative! I think I will grab a 5970 then, and be ready for the future drivers. In the mean time, the alternatives look fine, can't be that dissapointed with dx9 support, although it does limit the card.
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