System working slow even after fresh install

I have one system. system working slow.i checked that there is sound coming from HDD and also ran Diagnostics utility its said HDD failed. then i bought another HDD,reinstalled Windows soon as after installation completed i rebooted an it got freezed,very slow, HDD light is also not blinking blinks after specific period(e.g. -when clicking on start it freezes after that HDD light blinks.and then u can see start menu then again freezes.)this HDD also making litle bit noise.
what could be the couse ? should i reinstalled OS again with diffrent media ?
is there problem with RAM?or with MOBO? or CABLE ?or SMPS ?or again with newly bought HDD ?
let me know any other utility to diognose HDD?
Newly bought HDD is samsung 160 GB.

Please Help
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  1. follow this
    download ccleaner from thislink
    install it only
    donot run it
    then download ccleaner enhancer from this link
    run it
    and press download latest
    then run ccleaner now
    cleaning tab
    check all selection in windows and application tab
    except the selection of wipe free space in windows tab
    press cean now button in the right side
    after that go to registery tab and press search for
    then press fix all selected
    download antimalwarebyte from this link
    install it and run it then update it if it asked
    then perform full scan to whole computer partitons from safe mode
  2. THank for the reply profkefah.
    But i have purchased New HDD and having same issue after reinstalling OS?????
  3. change your hdd cables
    change your power supply
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