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Hey, I just got my Card up and running and works. I have WINDOWS 7 64bit. My card is not giving me 100% of what it has got i think. I'm playing some games that should be a piece of cake on EXTRA HIGH settings ( Such as Ruse Beta), but i am playing them with extreme difficulty on low settings. IDK whats going on. 5.8 Windows 7 Score.

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  1. Sorry E-Geforce 8800GTX
  2. Newest drivers and all?

    Is this a new install of windows, or did you replace another card?

    What are the rest of your system specs?
  3. Yes all drivers. I did replace another card but that's because the guy sent me the wrong one.

    Intel i5 650 > Intel® Desktop Board DP55WG >2x2 Gskill 1600 @ 1333 7-7-7-21 1T 1.5V > Seagate Barracuda 250 GB > E-Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb > win7 64bit

    FYI i am only 13 years old so my responses are going to be newbie. =)
  4. Nice system.

    What I mean is, with your current Windows install, was there ever another card installed (with drivers too)? If so, what was it?
  5. um, no. The last card i had was a 8800 gt. only 256mb, never installed any drivers, although i went through windows installation with that card, is that what you mean??
    If so then a 8800 gt. Nothing to special, but this card (the 8800gtx) isnt working as well as that one (8800 gt)
  6. wait did you install any driver or not in one post you said you did and the next you said you didn't here's a link to to the most recent whql anyways

    Ruse btw is actually for some reason quite graphically intense, i have it on highest on my 275 and only get 30 fps
  7. yes i installed that driver, nothing happened.

    I have RUSE on extra low and im barely getting any fps. I got better fps with my 256 mb 8800gt card than with my 768mb 8800 gtx. Which is really strange.
  8. What power supply do you have?
  9. RX-730ss 730 watt 135mm fan
    Raidmax Atx Power Supply
  10. you could see if your card is coming out of 2d mode, if you run gpu-z and run a game in windowed mode, I know on nvidia drivers if you crash the card, it'll lock the card in 2d mode
  11. Ok, i did that, put on log file, checked it, none of the stats seemed to change while i played. Thats on low settings, And i was still getting lag, CRAZY lag. I doesnt say 2d mode or 3d...
  12. im starting to think its not the card, but i am only getting like 15 fps.
  13. Did you also check "Log while in Background"? Otherwise it stops when you start a game. What frequencies is GPU-Z reporting?
  14. oh, forgot to check that, lol , um it was recording 576 mhz core clock, 900 mhz mem clock, without having it go in background, let me do that now....
  15. Yep, everyone forgets that the first time they use it.
  16. ok, i ran it [RUSE] again with the GPU-z thing, The memory got up to about, 230 at most on very low graphics, about 27 fps. im starting to think its not the card. Should i try it on Very high graphics???
  17. i dont get it, my system should be able to breeze through these games right???
  18. I don't know, I know nothing about that game. Is anything like AA, vsync, etc forced in the NVidia control panel? Definitely try very high again.
  19. Can you download and give 3DMark06 (Trial) a run? (if you do, just use defaults)
  20. alright, ran on high settings, wierd. i got a 23 fps about, mem clocked about 578. which is better. yes there is a config panel. its BS tho. Do you want to see all the stats??
  21. All I meant was in NVidia Control Panel, if a bunch of settings are forced, it can significantly reduce the FPS. But if they are all still at default, that should not be an issue. It may just be that this game is more demanding than it first appeared.
  22. Do you know what crysis is?? Well if you dont, it is the most demanding game on the planet. i have seen this card play through that on INSANE graphics FLAWLESSLY. While this game[ruse] is also very demanding, it is NOT at all like crysis. SO, ill try what you meant. Hopefully it works.
  23. Yep, I have Crysis too. Beautiful game. I bought it right when I got the system in my signature (I didn't want to play it until I could max it on very high).

    I don't know much about Ruse though. If you want a more comparable benchmark, try one of the standards like 3DMark06.
  24. would my system be able to play crysis on high??
  25. axisof3vil said:
    would my system be able to play crysis on high??

    No, medium will do well though.
  26. what would i have to change???
  27. Your GPU, playing smoothly at high, not very high, would require, maybe, another 8800 GTX, or a 4890-5850.
  28. thats it???
  29. could i overclock?
  30. Best answer
    Overclocking will only do so much, I would recommend looking for another 8800 GTX for cheap.
  31. Thats what i just started doing. I only have like $50 left over from building my system. (i am only 13 years old) lol. Nice picture BTW. If i were to get another card, would i be able to play crysis FLAWLESSLY?
  32. Flawlessly? You would need 2 5870s overclocked very high for that.

    Play it well enough with the settings that are quite beautiful with reasonable framerate? Yeah it will do fine.
  33. It probably still won't be flawless thanks to that stupid carrier, bet everywhere else it should be great.
  34. Though, you might want to get the game first and see who it runs before making another major purchase.
  35. Thanks guys very much for the help. SO basically im going to need another card. THen im good to go, right???
  36. Hoe about you actually see how well your 8800 GTX does before you make any purchase decisions. You may be able to get a hybrid of medium and high that looks great and plays well which will let you save for an even better setup later.

    You're call.
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