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Hey there, I was wondering which LGA1156 CPU I should purchase. I bought an ASUS Maximus III Extreme P55 motherboard from a family friend because it was a little bit cheaper than brand new and it was one of the gaming boards that DOESN'T have that stupid 24 bit X-Fi chip(I bought an Auzentech Prelude and hate it, the board uses the same 24 bit X-Fi chip). As well as the lack of the 24 bit chip it has the capability of running 2 x16 SLI/Xfire. But why make an 1156 board capable of 2 x16 PCIe 2.0 when the current 1156 processors can handle dual GPU's at x8? So until they make a dual x16 processor I'm cool with settling for a lesser one(in a sense). I'm also looking into getting 2 video cards, duh?, preferably DX11 capable. If possible I would like to purchase the video cards now and not have to upgrade in 6 months - a year(?), they are rather expensive and I don't want to pay for something twice for no reason. I'm aware that the video cards will bottleneck when they are under heavier than normal load but will this have any negative effects?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry if I'm confusing you or haven't given enough info. I'm not very computer literate, I just know some basic info. Sorry if you don't like me ripping on the X-Fi chip, but raising the lows+highs is weak (more goes on than that) but the jist is that sound that is unaffected sounds nicer, its natural :love: .
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  1. The recently released i7 875K will suit that board.. From a gaming perspective though, its tough to recommend anything above the i5 750.. I'll take the leverage to recommend 4 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 7 coutsey G-Skill.. For video, a single radeon HD 5850 will suffice for now..

    P.S. - You confused me with your ending lines.. What do you mean by unaffected sound..??
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies! My apologies about the budget, it doesn't really matter because I'm just going to work up the amount of money I need to buy which ever piece of hardware(it will take a while). Thanks for the RAM+GPU advice as well! I will go and research that.

    I'll PM you about what I meant by unaffected sound, it might be a long explanation.
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