Best mobo for water cooling?

i had a
but last night it caught on fire :cry: lol the heat sinks around the cpu socket where red hot (burnt me when i touched them) make no mistake i use a haf-x case so my air flow is good but i quickly grabbed a usb fan i had and put it up against it to cool it down i had touched this heat sink before and it was NEVER this hot but even with the fan it started smoking and popping so i quickly unplugged the computer to prevent damage to my other components. so anys somthing malfunctioned or what ever in the end i need a new mobo and i plan on going all water cooled gfx card cpu.. everything. the 800d is on its way this will be my 1st water cooled setup ( i dont count the h50 i use now as "water cooled" ) is there any mobo that would probably be better for water cooling then others? i want to have around the cpu water cooled also and wasn't sure if i would be able to find water blocks for certain mobos. im useing a core i7920 currently at 3.6ghz on the h50 along with a corsair 850w psu and a 6950 n ocz gold ram 6gig.
any help is appreciated mobo price range $0-$270ish 0 would be ideal :D lol
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  1. I would go with the EVGA X58 FTW3. EVGA is one of the best overclocking capable boards. Another alternative is the ASUS Rampage III Gene, if your okay a mATX board.
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