Sata Port Multiplier m2n68-am se2

Hi I have a PC running 64 bit Vista using the ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 motherboard.
It seems to have only 2 SATA ports, 1 of which is utilised by the hard-drive & the other by the DVD.
I also have a hard-drive out of a Western Digital external hard-drive where the transformer blew-up - I'd like to install this as an additional drive in my PC - not least to recover all my data from it - but I don't see how I can do this without losing the use of the |DVD.

is there a such thing as a SAT port multiplier that I can utilise on thes internal ports?

Thanks in advance


PS: As you can tell I'm not very technical - so it has to be an easy plug'n play solution.
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  1. OK - forget it - I've bought a new external drive enclosure.
    That ought to fix it.
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