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I need to build a super cheap secondary pc. Basically I want to keep my family from using my good pc. Right now their using an old sempron xp computer with 1.4ghz processor and 512mb ram. That pc is starting to die and now their on my pc constantly.

Here is what I pieced together( I have a new case, and a dvd burner already, gonna use windows 7 that I got for 30 bucks a few months ago)

I don't want top of the line, I want something thats going to run windows 7 well and be good enough to keep them off my pc.

Will this pc be enough to run Aero, browse the web, and maybe use windows movie maker. Thats all this pc will be used for.
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  1. I'm sure the processor is fast enough but the motherboard is what worries me. There will be no gaming on this pc what so ever, but is the onboard enough to run aero comfortably?
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