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I just bought a cooler master elite 310 for a computer that I will be building soon because it seemed to be good for the price. I haven't used it yet it it seems good so far. One thing that confused me was the 120mm case fan that came with it, its a regular case fan with a 3-pin plug at the end, but there is what looks like a 3-pin to peripheral adapter plugged into it. I was wondering what exactly this is used for, should i just plug it into the PSU? or should i just forget about it and use the 3-pin with my motherboard.
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  1. It gives you an option to do either or. I usually plug into the motherboard if I have a fan header there with in reach of the cable.
  2. Alright, so your saying i could just plug it into my PSU. But one thing I think is weird that it looks like it has a peripheral input and output on the adapter, so would i only plug in the one that complies with the PSU? by the way, i'm most likely going to get 2 more fans for my case, and the mother board i'm going to get has only two 3-pins so i would probably the adapter on one of the fans.
  3. the male 4-pin goes into the female 4-pin from your PSU. the free female side on the adapter allows you not to lose a 4-pin connection from the PSU. most new fans come with an adapter so you can daisy chain them.
  4. oh alright I understand, thanks a ton.
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