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Hi! I will be building a sandy bridge system in a few days. When looking at ram I was looking at the Vengeance sets from corsair.

I was wondering on a gaming pc will I notice a different between, 1600 and 1866 mhz? I will be using a Asus Maximus 4 mobo probably.

Also would I notice any difference between getting 1 4 stick set and 2 2 stick sets if they are the same ram/speed?

Thank you for your time! :)
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    1) You won't notice a difference between DDR3 1600 & DDR3 1866 in gaming.

    2) I would go with 2x2GB setup over a 1x4GB stick. You get dual-channel support and have better stable system (motherboards can be finky with 4GB sticks).
  2. Thank you for the answer! I'm sorry for the confusion of my last question. What I meant was Is there a difference if I purchase 4 separate 4g sticks of the same ram vs 2 packs of 2 4g sticks, vs 1 pack of 4 4g sticks. I believe the term is matched pair?

    I was planning on getting 16g 4x4 of the 1600 Vengeance for a Asus Maximus 4.
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  4. I suggest buying the matched kits of either 8GB or 16GB. They have been tested and certified to run together. Also, just as a side note, current generation AMD and Intel based MOBOs are just fine with 4GB modules.
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