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1. I'm using a gigabyte Mb GA M52L-53, AMD Athlon X2 5000, DDR II Kingston 2gb PC5300, with Windows XP Sp3.

2. Last night, I just bought and install 2 x 1gb DDR II MCPRO PC5300 memory, and put it together with my DDR II Kingston 2gb PC5300 so I can upgrade my pc performance.

3. First it's fine, MB detect the change, but the weird part is the memory just add only 1,5gb not 2 gb. Why?

4. Performance is good, but than when I open firefox, it became crash king all the time, no matter what I do, browsing, upload, or download, everything just crash.

5. I tried other browser like opera, chrome, and IE, same thing happen, they crash (opera hangs, IE hangs, and chrome just wont start)

Why is this happening?
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  1. could be a timing issue.
    do both type of memory have the same timing?

    32-bit OS only will recognize 3.5 GB
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