New build, pci-e port running 2x and bad 3dmark score

Phenom II x3 2.8 stock speed
ASUS m4a79xtd evo Bios 0704
4 gigs ddr3 ocz black edition ram 8-8-8-24 1600 mhz
evga gtx 275 superclocked.
Win 7 64 bit

System was built yesterday and idles at 27 c cpu, 24 c m/b temp. Everything seems fast and responsive in operating sys. games run ok, but not what i expected. I opened up gpu-z to check the settings and it says my pci-e 2.0 slot is running my gfx card at 1x.This was after i cleared the cmos (instructed by asus tech support) which cpuz/gpuz first reported running at 2x.check link below for gpuz readout.

I checked cpu-z and it verified the link width at 1x this time, and 2x before i cleared the cmos. Gfx card is installed in the top pci-e slot. I put it in the bottom slot to test and it read the correct 8x speed, then i moved it back up to the top.

I called asus tech support and they said its running at 16x if its in the top slot, but they gave me no suggestions on how to verify this, and they said cpuz and gpuz was wrong, well then i found this discovery.

To check and see if cpu-z and gpuz was reading this wrong i did a benchmark with 3dmark vantage trial version and recieved the following scores.

cpu score 27785
gpu score 8605.

I have the latest drivers installed for the vid card. Now doesnt that seems low for a evga 275 superclocked? i compared similar systems and gfx cards and most people score much better.

Can someone please help me? i can give me e-mail if its easier. any help thank you in advance.
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  1. Not sure if this would help ASus recently released BIOS 0901 early this month for 7 64-bit. If this doesn't work I would suggest testing this out on a friend's mobo or RMAing the board, a 16x slot operating at 1x or even the uncommon 2x is a mobo problem as a graphics card operating at that speed is kind of hard to miss at the testing facility.
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