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Hey guys,

I'm really close to building my new pc and I wan't to be really sure I didn't get a defective PSU that will blow my MB and anything connected to it. I've read too many newegg reviews that it made me paranoid even though I'm confident on the quality of the PSU I bought

So basically what I'm asking is if I can turn on the PSU without anything connected just to make sure it works properly and won't "poof" right away. Is this safe or does it have to be connected to a motherboard first?
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  1. i think you are worried about nothing but this video will show you how to do it

  2. you will need to load it somehow. sometimes it will DAMAGE the psu if you have NO LOAD.
    what power supply is this?
  3. +1 it seems really pointless. besides, if it kills ur new mobo just return the mobo and say it didnt work :)
  4. I'll point you first back to shovenose's post. Then I'll tell you take a paper clip and jump Green to black, and take your volt tester to te rest of it.
  5. I got a Corsair hx850w so I'm pretty confident in its quality.

    I guess I'll just plug it in and give it the benefit of the doubt. I thought I would play it safe but from the looks of it, I don't really need to bother testing it first. Regarding shovenose's last post, I didn't really wanna have to go through the trouble of returning the mobo or ram so thats why I wanted to test it first :P

    Thanks for your advice guys. I'm just gonna plug it in and turn it on. And if something happens, I have all of you to blame! :lol:
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