Hannsg,hannspree and l-inc 24.6" monitors?

Hi, i was wondering if anyone had any idea if these three monitors were the exact same, even though its a different company for all 3.


honestly the hannsg one looks the best but they all seem to be the same except after shipping and tax. can anyone confirm this?
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  1. Yes they are all from the same company.

    I had a 19th inch Hansg it startes to make color bars after one year.

    I had the 27.5 inch I-Ink and it started to make frickles all the time after a year and a half.

    they are very cheap monitors. low priced but cheap quality.

    now i paid premium for a dell 27th inch, i could see the diference in the colors and black levels. and im sure it will last for more than a few years. I also have a Dell at work and its been like 7 years when the first Lcd's were on the market and it works just the same as 7 years ago.
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