Foxconn H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-uATX specifications

This stock HP motherboard comes with a 95w AMD pcu. Is it possible to swap out the pcu with a 125w pcu. I cannot find anything that will tell me yes or no.
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  1. People believe this is the same board (from HP forum "HP did contact me with the information in the link you provided as being the correct info with a typo of the name of the board" ) and according to that you should be fine with 125watt CPU
  2. Was also looking for an answer..thank you it helped a lot..although it shows one of the supported processors being the 10XXT would the 1100T not work? it is also a 125watt..I beleive someone said it is just a factory overclocked 1090T..but that link you posted with the correct board says the maximum you can have is 95w..or is that not true? or am I not understanding something lol..the board in the 360z isnt the Aloe correct? its that other one..if thats true then the specs say 95 watt is the most you can have..
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