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Hey all I just wanted some advice on what to choice for a half new computer. I'm going to be keeping some stuff from my old computer so that'll reduce the cost.

Things i don't need: Ram, HDD ,DVD drive and a monitor,mouse and keyboard.

So what i do need to buy is a motherboard, processor, case(with psu) and hopefully a graphic card.

I can keep my old case but i'll need a new psu so it'll pretty much be useless keeping it.

Preferred sites are ebay because i live in au and i might get some good 2nd hand deals.

Things used for will be: light gaming with no lag, like rts games, and the usual web browsing,typing stuff like that.

I want to keep in under $200 so it'll be a cheapy.

Things i already am thinking about.

Case+PSU 680W $55

Motherboard unsure. I could buy a motherboard with a processor with it like this that's $161 with shippingso that equals $216 and i might get a graphics card later.

Anything else that i missed out or did wrong. So please help me.
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  1. Gotta fill out the how to ask for new build advice form at the top of the forum
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    Ok I am Australian as well so I know a few shops which are good. Where do you live because if you live in brisbane has good prices and theres also umart as well.

    Ok now you need to know that $200 is a very very small budget. Also ebay is not a good place to shop, prices of new stuff is higher, and 2nd hand stuff is generally hardly any cheaper then new stuff. I highly suggest using a store to buy from.

    The PSU and case you selected is not good, it is very important to spend the money on a brand name PSU. No name chinese brands can quickly die, don't output the rated wattage and can wreck the rest of your components when they die.

    I'm not sure why you think your case will be useless since you need a new PSU, you generally buy PSU's by themself except for chinese ones which often come with cases. However the case must be able to fit an ATX PSU as these are the standard one.

    So you are able to keep your case which will save you some money so that we can try and fit your tight budget. Also I'm guessing the old computer was very old so the PSU is not a new one with a good name such as Corsair, Thermaltake or Antec?

    The motherboard and CPU package you selected is a rip off, the motherboard is AM2+ not AM3 which means it doesn't support new processors fully or DDR3. So that package is a no go as well.

    Ok so here we go:

    PSU: $64
    Antec Neo 450W
    This PSU has enough wattage to allow you to upgrade to a nice video card later on.

    CPU: $58
    AMD Athlon II X2 240

    Motherboard: $84.50
    Asus M4A785T-M

    I just realised you need RAM, this will certainly put it over your budget. I'm not sure why you say you don't need RAM?

    RAM: $64
    Kingston 2GB 1333MHz

    This comes to a total of $270

    This is clearly past your budget however I would not recommend anything cheaper then this. If you are unable to stretch to fit this cost then I suggest you wait a while until you can. I have only used gocomp because I assume you live in brisbane.

    Hope that helped, fire your questions.
  3. awesome thanks i chose to look at the things umart because i actually live in the goldcoast so brisbane is a little far away but i still found everything you listed at gocomp at umart for around the same price. With the ram i have 2 gigs of ddr2 ram and i was just wondering if that motherboard would support it or if i would have to get ddr3. But thanks so much for the rest. And yeah this will be my first time semi building a computer. I've taken a computer apart and put it back together so i should be fine. Anyway this will be an accomplishment for a kid 12 years of age.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't know there was a umart at Gold Coast?

    Anyway, you didn't specify at the start what RAM you had so I assumed it was DDR1. You will have to get an AM2+ board to run DDR2, these probably wont support the newest processors by AMD but they are still fine.

    Here is one: $72

    Sorry about using gocomp but I am leaving now so I have to hurry. Also since you have DDR2 your old PC must be pretty new, was it custom built or is it an OEM (dell, HP). If it was custom built you will probably be able to use the PSU as it is most likely a good brand.

    I won't be back on till at least tomorrow morning as I am driving up to Cairns from Makcay. So I will answer any questions then.

    Good luck.
  5. yeah i'm not quite sure if there is one at the gold coast but it does say that there's an office there

    I have 2 pc's one is a dell but that's just for office work and that's the one i'd get 2 gigs of ram from which i bought used kinda of recently but that's not for me and it's not getting used.

    The other pc i have is 4 or 5 years old and that one has ddr1 ram but has a medium sized case i'd use and that one was custom built by my parents friend.The custom built pc has a psu that is 350watts but i thought that was a little weak because i'll be adding a graphic card later also i'm not sure if that'l have enough power and i don't even know if that works.

    I couldn't find that new motherboard you showed me at umart but i think i'll just save up and buy the first one you showed me but if that current psu is fine then i'll be able to buy some ram instead of a new psu and then i'll be able to buy the newer proccessor and motherboard.

    Sorry if it's complicated.
  6. ComputerNewbie97 said:

    Sorry if it's complicated.

    That happens when you are on a really tight budget.

    While you are looking for parts, take a look at this thread:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    The checklist at the beginning may prevent you from making some of the common mistakes.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Thats good that they have an office there.

    With the PSU, if it is a good brand (Corsair, Antec, CoolerMaster, Thermaltake) 350W will be enough for you to get started so you won't have to buy one. So check if its a good brand.

    I'm not sure what video card you want to get, but when you do if its high end and you want to play games which are hard to run then you are going to want to upgrade your 2GB of RAM to 4GB. DDR2 now costs the same as DDR3 and will most likely increase even more. So if you go with DDR2 you could get another stick now so that you have the 4GB, this would cost you the same as getting 2GB of DDR3.

    I suggest going with the DDR2, I think this would be the best deal. I'll have a look for a motherboard.

    There are barely any AM2+ boards on uMart, only 2 and they have to nVidia chipset so I'd prefer not. And they seem to need a BIOS flash to support Athlon II processors.

    Looks like your options have been limited to getting DDR3 or getting a DDR2 board from somewhere else. I'm not sure how hard it is for you to get something shipped from gocomp or if you are going there sometime.

    How come you are replacing the motherboard and CPU from your computer, if it has DDR2 then theres a chance its still got pretty high specs. Just wondering....
  8. The reason is i won't to be able to put a graphic card in a pc and eventually i'll be able to when i have enough money also the dell i've got at the moment only supports 2 gigs of ram and is a lot harder to upgrade + it doesn't have a pci-e slot.

    The psu is a LC-B350ATX 350 Watt ATX psu but i'll still get a new psu.

    Scratch the tight budget, i'll just get things when i can by selling some of my stuff that i don't use anymore.

    Anyway i decided to go with ddr3.

    Once i have enough money i'll buy something like this and i'll post some pics here for you to see if you want. Could be a while though.

    Thanks for the help the_punkinator, it's greatly appreciated.
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  10. Ok the only 2GB of RAM and no PCIe slot is a good reason to upgrade. Must be pretty old then.

    That PSU is a brand I don't know (bad) and I can't find any reviews on it so yes you should buy one.

    Selling stuff is always good...You will have a lot more fun with a better budget (so will I =]).

    I'm not sure how much money you will be getting but hopefully a fair bit, so you can afford a new graphics card, 4GB of RAM and a new case. Yes I would love to see pictures of your build once your finished.

    If you want further advice once the time comes you could email me also (on my profile).

    I enjoyed helping you very much (who doesn't like a challenge aye...) and I wish you luck on raising money. Also thanks for best answer.

    Cya later...
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