I cant get my Comp To Boot from CD

Hello, I have had it boot from CD before, but this time it says there is no boot device available. I think it might be because I installed a 30 day activation windows xp. Now the XP is telling the CD drive not to boot? the PC is a Dell Optiplex G280
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  1. No, if you have a boot able CD it will boot always. If it is not booting and you are confirm that your CD drive is working fine then the CD has became faulty.
  2. :hello: boot order changed since last time u booted from disk?

    check boot order in bios setup, make sure boot from cd is still at the top of the list...if its not, then there's ur problem

    example of boot list in bios setup (F2)
    cd/dvd drive
    perf device (usb)
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