Turning turbo boost off (intel extreme dp55kg)

hey guys i have a slight issue with turning off the turbo boost mode and speed step in my bios on my intel extreme dp55kg mobo. i went into my bios, disabled these two settings, enabled manual adjustment of the bclk (x21 multiplier)...and set it to 166 with a static voltage of 1.10v.

i proceeded to press f10 to save and exit my bios...restart my pc...and go back into bios to check to see if the new values for everything were updated and displayed properly....of course not. turbo boost and speed step are, once again, enabled and the bclk goes back to 133...

please help me...my processor only heats up to 50C under heavy load (prime95) and i WTB more power because i'm capable of doing so. what's the deal?


Motherboard: Intel Extreme DP55KG
CPU: i5 760 2.80ghz
annnd do the rest of the specs really matter in this scenario?

early thanks to those who come to my rescue.
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  1. It doesn't like your OC .... try settings one at a time and boosting BCLK in smaller increments.
  2. i actually tried leaving the bclk at 133 (stock) and disabling the turbo and speed step then proceeded to saving and exiting. same thing happens..they just auto enable themselves again :(
  3. anyone?
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