SSD Unrecognizable? Need Help Please!!!

Hey Everyone!

So i just built a new computer from scratch and i put in a 1tb Seagate Barracuda HHD. I installed my OS and other programs on the HDD and everything is working fine. A week later i bought an SSD to hold my OS and some major programs and it is a Crucial 128g M4.

I am using this Program called EaseUS disk copy software to copy my OS and other prgrams from the HDD to the SDD but it is saying that the SSD is unrecognizable? So it wont let me copy the information. What do you guys think is wrong or what am i doing wrong?
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  1. Apparently, your disk copy software does not set up the destination drive for you. It sounds to me as though your new ssd needs to be partitioned and formatted. there are lots of software programs out there for this. I use Acronis Disk Director. You can do it free with linux, of you can search and choose another way. Good luck!
  2. terry i have the same problem and my SSD shows up on "my computer" as well as my HDD with the operating system on it. where do i go from there.... would i be able to just copy and past from C to E and it work
  3. So your saying you have one SSD with an OS, and the HDD also has an OS? And you are trying to move over software from your HDD to SSD?

    It's better to install the programs again rather than simple copy and paste for programs. There are registry keys that needed to be made and etc.
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