Help, display colour turn black and white!!

i am not quite sure this is in the cpu catergory or display catergory but here it goes. I let my asus F9Sseries notebook ran for 1 full day to download stuff which i normally do,then after i turn it off. I switch it back on, the loading page stills has colour, as i enter the desktop, the display turn from normal into black and white rite b4 my eyes! its like while loading, the desktop was reminded to turn black n white or something.zzz, i try restarting it but no avail, the display will always turn from colour then to black and white when the initial loading is completed. HELP!!!!!
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  1. Can you pull up a control panel for your graphic card and check the settings?
    Do you have a nvidia, ati or intel GPU?
    Does the entire screen go black and whit or just parts of it?
  2. Sounds like you have the [nostalgia] function enabled there :P
    not really, i think your screen maybe isnt plugged in right, o the screen itself is off on a long journey to the lanparty in the sky.
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