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hi, I have 2 kingston DDR3 value rams in my system an I'm wondering if my settings are still safe

intel core i5-750:

FSB: DRAM -- 2:8
180 x 20 = 3.5GHz

kingston valueram DDR3 1333 2Gb x 2pcs:

I'm doing 9-9-9-24 <default rated>
1440Mhz <1333 at default>
CAS 9 <default rated>
1.5V <default rated>
specs here

so only thing that's altered is the freq., no voltage increase and is stable at the moment.

would this set up reduce it's lifespan? and about that FSB: DRAM ratio, is it possible to get 1:1? sorry for the noobness :D


adding this in: If I were to get another 4Gb of ram (2x2Gb) with a higher frequency, say 1600MHz will it work in my system (I have a dual channel board)?
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  1. okay, tested the system with prime 95 torture test (lots of RAM tested) and worker 3 of the 4 workers halted. maybe this is because of the RAM not having enough Voltage? I personally think that adding more voltage on these things are a bad idea lol. will check maybe it's the CPU's fault.
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