Memory setting problem on reboot

I just did a big upgrade to an existing system. It uses G.Skill brand memory sticks, 4 gigs total, 2gb sticks rated at 1333 mhz.

After plugging them into the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard the bios read them at 1066 (lower than their rated setting), and timed them at 8, 8, 8, 20 (almost correct, should be 21).

So obviously I changed them to the appropriate settings for the memory. After a few days I boot my PC out of sleep mode, and it restarts, but then goes into a restart loop. Between restarts I unplug the PSU, then plug it in and it boots up. However, I got an error prompt saying that memory config differs from last time the PC was booted out of sleep mode and that I might lose settings saved before entering sleep mode. I ignored and booted up normally and now everything seems ok.

Is there a problem with the BIOS saving settings to CMOS? BIOS settings are how I left them, so Im a little confused...

System Specs:
CPU: Core I7 950
GPU: GTX 480
RAM: G.Skill DDR3 1333 x4gb
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
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  1. It could be the mobo battery crapping out( don't worry, they're cheap and easily replaced), or maybe held improperly, it happened to me a few times on other builds maybe once or twice, but then never happened again.

    If it doesn't happen anymore you'll be fine, if it does it again within a few months replace the battery.
  2. After examining the the BIOS I had the timings set to 9,9,9,21 instead of 8,8,8,21... :/ I dont know if this was the problem, but Ill wait and see.

    Ill keep an eye out and see if the problem happens again Winnippongam. If it does Ill swap the battery and see if its any better :)
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