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I am rather new to PC building and gaming. This summer I came up with the idea to build a whole new computer from ground up. I have everything listed that I need and i have done some research of the products I plan on purchasing.

I do not plan on purchasing a new hard drive.

So my question is can i take my old 1TB hard drive and put it into the new build to cut cost from purchasing a new hard drive and operating system?

Would i have to uninstall all the old drivers?
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  1. Hard drive yes, operating system maybe. Win 8 is due out soon, and Win 7 is very likely to get cheap quite quickly.

    That being said, if you have a clean key and install media, you can call MS and ask to have the key moved to your new system which will remove the activation from your old system.

    Don't bother trying to actually use the installed version, and fixing things. If you have a new system start it out right with a clean win install.
  2. That is correct, don't bother with old drivers. Do a clean install with your Windows 7 disk.
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