First Time Build for 1500: Suggestions Please

I'm looking for an i7 930 build, a motherboard with 2 pci 16x/16x, 6gb ddr3 ram, the usual works. I live in Canada eh, and my budget is around 1500 (preferably after taxes and shipping) but I'm willing to stretch a little bit for more reliable parts.

I plan to game, watch and listen, as well as running DAW's such as Reason, Abletons, Pro Tools (possibly). I also want to run the comp through my plasmaHDTV.
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  1. i7 920.
    6GB 3 channel DDR3 1600MHz CL7 G.Skill
    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R X58
    Intel SSDs 80GB
    Samsung F3 1TB
    Corsair 850W
    Coolermaster CM690

    You have probably already : Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, x64 OS.
  2. is that ram the same as this:

    also could you please explain the functions of SSD, haven't come across that yet.
  3. RAM :

    SSD ....from your observation point of view...only....a lot faster HDD.
    a little bit more detailed...SSD is a short written from solid state means that it doesn't have any mechanical parts unlike the normal HDD.
    more details :
  4. so I guess, less internal mechanics and less propagation delay. What does that spell out in terms of practical use?

    also the intel one is quite expensive, I wonder what the runner-ups are and if they're any good.
  5. also, why the gigabyte mobo? I've been looking through user reviews and aside from brand loyalty most ASus boards in the same range seem to get better reviews
  6. SSD is indeed very fast ...a lot faster (reading, writting, etc.) than any normal 7200 rpm or 10k rpm HDD.
    And it consumes much less power than it's mechanical brothers.

    The only problem with SSDs is the price.
    The price of all SSD is still very high, but it is really worth investing.
    I say all...the ones you called runner ups are also very expensive and are not too different in price..
  7. sugarcoatedsour said:
    also, why the gigabyte mobo? I've been looking through user reviews and aside from brand loyalty most ASus boards in the same range seem to get better reviews

    Top 2 on my mobo shopping list for mid-high end build :
    (alphabetically ordered)

    If you don't like the Gigabyte...simply move to ASUS...and vice versa...
    I see no problem in this matter.
    Both of them are the best mobo manufacturers according to my experience.
  8. ya, I just took a look through, intel is the best bet price-wise so far.

    I guess at best I expect to leave myself open for upgrades, but am not too insistent to jump on the band wagon. Thanks for bringing that ssd to my attention though, I'm sure that would give good performance for DAW applications.

    For graphics cards, I kind of feel like picking up a strong single gpu, and leave myself open for crossfire/sli when prices drop down a bit.
  9. OK... it is simple, just drop one of the HD5850.
    You can also add the SSD anytime you like after the build, you don't have to get it right away.

    If you see my signature :
    I just bought HD5850, Intel's 80GB SSD, and the 750W PSU about 3 weeks ago.
    My old 3,5 years old configuration used HD3850, no SSD, and 450W PSU (only 1 PCie power connector)
    But the biggest difference I can feel comes from the SSD.
  10. do you think 5870 would be worthwhile?
  11. HD5870 is more powerful than is obvious...but in my opinion...
    HD5770, HD5830 and HD5850 have a better price over performance value their than HD5870 or HD5970.
    That is why I bought HD5850.
    But if you can still afford it, why not?
  12. you think I could make do with a mid-tower atx? would there be enough room and decent ventilation while using a 1366 board? I'll look over the hd5850, maybe I can afford to grab 2.

    Another question although an odd one. Since I live in Canada, if I order from newegg would I have to pay a border fee, cause in any case that would be a pretty hefty fee.
  13. PC Case? The one I recommended Coolermaster CM690? It is big enough and have a good air circulation, no problem about that. You might need to buy a few extra fans for that (only 3 are bundled and you can still add 3 more)

    About the new egg...I can't answer that... I only know newegg doesn't ship to my country in europe or to my homeland in asia.
  14. Order from any border fees will be tallied with the price
  15. I'm just recalling an experience where I had ordered a radeon 9700 (years ago) from ebay, I think it was delivered by ups. When I had got it delivered I was expected to pay near 1/3 of the total price of the card in border fees.

    About the case: I've got the rosewill destroyer black mid-atx. Would this be large enough?
  16. rosewill destroyer black is a little smaller than CM690.
    But I think it is big enough, but I have never used that one .
    Since you already have that, no need to buy a new one.
  17. I guess I could try and google, see if 1366boards fit into mid towers.
  18. The mobo will definitely fit the case..
    Actually I am little worried about the GPUs not the mobo.
  19. hm..okay well thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll look through. I guess ATX boards are synonymous with atx cases
  20. can anyone please confirm whether or not a mid-atx case could fit a 1366 atx board, and a gpu the size of hd 5870?
  21. Atx cases will fit an atx board.
    However, different mid size ATX cases don't always fit every GPU card. You should probably measure how much space you have between the back of your case to your HDD cage to see if you have room. I believe the HD 5870 is 11" though you should always check the specifications depending on the brand you get.
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