Is it my power supply?

Hey guys, recently I bought a new computer setup, and everything is working as expected... except for one niggling problem.

When I try to play more recent games such as Bad Company 2 or Just Cause 2 on high graphic settings at 1680 x 1050 resolution - the screen starts to flicker or 'tear' after approximately 5 minutes. It's a bit hard to explain, but it looks like a ton of horizontal lines constantly flickering. It's most noticeable on the pause menu or HUD where there are straight edges.

When I tone down the resolution, the flickering seems to reduce and it doesn't occur when I play older games like Warcraft. The more taxing the game, the more it intensifies. I've heard that this could possibly be the fault of my shoddy power supply - in some way or another, and I'd just like you guys to confirm that; so that I know whether to replace my PSU or not. If not, any ideas on what else could be causing this problem?

I don't think it would have anything to do with my refresh rate, which is set at 60 Hz.
Graphics card - XFX Radeon 5850
CPU - I7 860
Motherboard - P7P55D
Power Supply - Hunt-key Green Power a.k.a. Green Star 550w

If you have any further questions or if I have not provided enough information - please, feel free to ask. I will be watching this thread frequently.

Thanks for your time,
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    Hello nnguy45;
    It's not quite possible to nail down the cause as being the PSU. But you're right to be very suspicious.
    Cranking up the graphics settings and having those problems might also point at the video card having a fault of some type.
    But cranking up the graphics settings can also boost the power requirements pointing back at the PSU.

    The best troubleshooting step I can suggest is to replace that 'possibly exploding' Green Star 550w with a decent PSU.
    Read this article @ Hardware Secrets: Huntkey Green Star 550 W (LW-6550SG) Review
  2. Whatever the problem is, I highly recommend you to buy a decent PSU.
    Anyway, I would try to install the lastest drivers available from ATI. But you are right. The problem can be caused by a defective PSU.
  3. Sweet, thanks for the fast replies guys - I'll replace that PSU asap :P.

    @zipzoomflyhigh, Yea.. someone else picked the parts for me and I only just found out how bad my PSU is =/.
    Anyways, do you guys think a Corsair 650TX would be a good replacement? Is it worth paying the extra money for a 650HX?

    Thanks again,
  4. The Corsair TX650 is a quality unit. The HX is only worth the premium if you are after the modular cable setup.
  5. 650TX & 650HX are nicely sized for 2x HD 5850s.

    Here is a side-by-side comparison of the 650TX & 650HX
    The major differences are 650HX has some modular (detachable) cables and 4x PCI-e power adapters for 2 video cards. 650TX will need a couple molex to PCI-e power adapters to get the 4 power adapters a CF 4850 5850 set up would need.
  6. Sweet, I think I'll go for the 650TX.
    Thanks again for the replies,
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