Will this new case's power cords work with my motherboard?

So I bought the eMachines ET1831-07 desktop. As most factory-made desktops, it uses ONE power connector with the LED and the power button connectors mixed into it. I can tell, though, the power button's cables are plugged into the two bottom-left spaces of the mobo's connector and the LED cords are connected to the bottom right. If I were to move the motherboard to a new case and it had a bunch of single connectors, I would plug the power button's cable into the bottom left and the LED to the bottom right, right?

The mobo's exact model is the ECS MCP73VT-PM.
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  1. The positive & negative should be imprinted on both the wires and MOBO. READ the imprinted MOBO identifications and/or the manual. Sometimes these connectors are flipped around.

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