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Hello, I want to buy a new graphic card and I don't know what is best: HD5770 1bg ddr5 (130€) or HD 4870 1GB ddr5 (117€). According to rewiews hd4870 works better, if I buy it I'm not gonna regret it next year?
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  1. lcp1109 said:
    Hello, I want to buy a new graphic card and I don't know what is best: HD5770 1bg ddr5 (130€) or HD 4870 1GB ddr5 (117€). According to rewiews hd4870 works better, if I buy it I'm not gonna regret it next year?

    It is a little better but by 5% max. With better drivers that gap will disappear. So, you lose 5% FPS, but you gain:

    - DX11,
    - Lower power consumption
    - Eyefinity

    In my opinion (I have the 4870) go for the 5770.
  2. The HD4870 was better when the HD5770 was initially released and was using new drivers. The two cards are now equal in performance with the HD5770 having DX11 compatibility and using much less power.
  3. hm, and what about 5750 (117€) and 5670 (95€), both 1gb ddr5, the best buy is still hd 5770?
  4. What is your monitor's native resolution? CPU? PSU?
  5. 1680x1050; and probably I'm gonna buy for now a Sempron 140 and overclock it, (bugget limits :) ), if needed I'll get a better one later;

    PSU, I have a 750w halfman (very cheap PSU btw), that I'll try to use, if need I'll get a new one later.

    I didnt select the motherboard yet, but I'm probably got get one that will support 6 core phenom, problem is that I dont know witch one is best, and if asus will upgread bios from M4A785TD-V EVO/U3S6 to allow 6 cores.
  6. No need to look back, so i would say go for HD 5770. :)
    Like dragon said before, u will gain:
    - DX11,
    - Lower power consumption
    - Eyefinity.
  7. Sempron 140? An Athlon II x2 really isn't much more. There's just no way you should be considering a single core CPU for a gaming machine. If you go with that chip I would just forget about the video card or at least put it off until you can buy a processor that can actually use it.
  8. My first idea was to but a board with hd4200, and buy a cheap case, and later buy a good Vga.

    But after countless hours searching on the internet, I found my self with 6 cores, , and the board I was going to buy does not handle it (ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO). And there is sata 6gb and usb 3 on the way.

    The thing is that I'm not willing to pay more 40-50€ to get a M4A89. So, for now, I'm trying to buy a cheap board that works with ddr3, and a cheap CPU, alonge with only 2bg RAM (team elite 1333Mhz CAS9) instede of 4.

    On the other hand I decide to buy a better chassie (thermaltake element T) and a good VGA.

    At least I will see if I'm lucky unlocking a 2nd stable core. Btw, I'm going to buy 5770 CuCore that have CPU Usage Mode, this might help the sempron, at leat when I'm not playing, no?

    Right now my only doubt is the board to buy. I hould like to get and Asus, but I'm not sure if it's I will wait a few more days and see if the board I want will be updated to work with 6 cores, or if I'll get another one with all the those feature, or if I'll just try to get a cheap board with ddr3. :s But I also want to try to unlock a core... wich is the cheapest board with ddr3 and can unlock cores? :D
  9. Like I said, I wouldn't bother with a real video card if you have a single core CPU. If you really must go so cheap on the processor then make sure the second core is unlockable, functional and stable before ordering a card. I would consider just getting an Athlon II x2 and downgrading the card to an HD4850 or something similar in order to afford it if necessary.
  10. ok, I'll try.

    tks for evry thing .

    in the next days I hope I will be here telling u that the core is unlockable :)
  11. If it's not I wouldn't bother with anything more than an HD4670 or so.
  12. not even with sing clock @ 3.5 mhz?
  13. @OP: listen to jyjjy, he already told u the most important thing, u are only wasting your money buy HD 5770 if your processor is just a single core, no matter what it's speed... :)
  14. it will not work at all, or it will work, but under his real capacities?
  15. State your budget for the upgrade.
  16. hm, even if I can't use the 5770 with sempron 140, I will use the HD 4200 that comes with the motherboard.

    Right now I really really want to try to unlock a core :D , and it's better to do it a cheap CPU, in a couple months I'll get a better CPU, with 4 or 6 cores.

    But first I will try with the sempron and see if I can double my money :p

    Next weak I'll tell you the results ;)
  17. I believe the Phenom II x2 chips can be unlocked into x4 chips. If you are so set on unlocking something go for one of those.
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