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Hi I just bought a new cooler for my cpu with intentions of overclocking... I come to find that since I have BIOS 1.0 it seems as though the add voltage settings are locked... all i can do for the cpu is change the FSB which I can only do so much with w/o adding voltage... my question is am i missing something or do i need to flash my bios if i want to OC and secondly is it safe to flash my bios through MSI's live update system, as I'm unsure of how to flash the BIOS the normal way
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  1. Some people say not to flash bios with live update but I have done it a few times on different MSI boards without problems.
  2. ok i may give it a go... does anyone know if the reason i cant change the voltage settings is that I have the v 1.0 bios or am i just missing something completely? as the only reason im going to attempt a flash is so i can OC if i dont need to i dont want to try it haha... thx for the reply rolli
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