Computer resets itself, doesnt get past POST screen

Hi there, im new to this place, but i hear from everywhere it is THE place to go for advice. So my problem is this: recently i was playing a game and the computer froze. Totally unresponsive. So i had to reset it manually. Then, it starts up just fine, but a few minutes later it freezes. I reset it again, and now, right after the post screen, it resets itself. sometimes showing glimpses of different screens, like boot up from disk and even a BSOD too. One of my friends told me it could be a heating problem. But i do not really think so, because i entered BIOS before it reset itself, and everything is like 35 to 44 degrees. GPU temp. not showing though, but i unplugged it, and it still does it. Can any of you help me out?
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  1. try an other videocard!
  2. it could be a range of problems,
    faulty ram,processor overheating, corrupt hard drive (though errors are normally with the hard drive)
    a video/graphics card could also be faulty.
    try to troubleshoot each of them, the graphics card may be the source, of which if it is a PCI graphics card, then it is easy to replace. If not , then a new motherboard my friend.
  3. You can also first look once to the condesators arround the processor socket if they still in a good shape, maybe the did overheat, you can see it to look on top off them , if they became round above then its lost your motherboard.
  4. It resets itself even without the GPU in it. and we have tried to remove and change ram modules. and it still does it. i should probably add, that both my harddrives have been completely formatted, and it is still doing it. even when trying to load windows for the first time. This leads me to believe it is a hardware problem, as you two also suggested. When he formatted my harddrives, it reported zero problems, it only comes down to the PSU or mobo.
  5. System specs?
  6. my motherboard is an asus p7h55-v, my ram are 4 gig of OCZ platinum ( i think 1600 mhz altough my mobo cannot run at those speeds) running in dual channel, my GPU is a sapphire radeon 5870 1gig, CPU is intel core i7 860 2,80 ghz, PSU is OCZ stealthxstream 600watt. case is some crappy thing called HADES. It looked cool, but its build quality is pure and utter =))&. And then i bought an 80 gig Intel SSD for windows and games, and the a WD caviar green 640 gig, for all the data. that is it i think.
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