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Hi guys,

A quick question about this system in topic. I have just found out that I have bought new Graphic Card with nVidia 3D vision system in it. I know I would need proper monitor and glasses but my questions are as followed:

- would it be possible to by any other 3D glasses which might also function properly not those for over $100? and
- is any monitor capable to display pictures properly to see the 3D effect in action? Is it only a requirement that monitor has to work in 120Hz or there is something else?

Thanks in advance
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  1. - 3 D glassess you have to use NVIDIA 3D vision Glasses
    - Compatible monitors for NVIDIA 3D vision. Below is one compatible monitor for NVIDIA. Another is Mistubishi HDTV(you can visit its sites).


    --- Not All 120HZ HDTV are compatible with NVIDIA 3DVISION... You need to read the data sheet of the monitor or HDTV.

    - NVIDIA uses 2 DVI port for 3DVISION to enable 3D Games.
  2. Are you sure you don't mean it uses a dual link dvi port rather than 2 x dvi connections so as to allow for the higher badnwidth that 120Hz monitors require?
  3. There is a cheaper 3d vision discover setup that came with a lot of gts 250's. Does not need the 120mhz screen and uses lower quality cheaper glasses, that utilize filters. No shutters.
    I did a quick look ,its hard to find these glasses. I know I saw a zotac model at newegg that still came bundled with them a while ago.......
  4. Nvidia's 3D vision specification & compatible HDTV & Monitors

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