Upgrading computer. start with powersupply?

hi there im thinking of upgrading my computer and read that the power supply is a good place to start. i was wondering if this is true.

my comp specs are:
AMD phenom 8550 triple core 2.20
4GB ram
NVIDIA Geforce 9300GE

i dont know much about upgrading computers but have been reading around on forums. there seems to be a conflict of ideas etc about how to start. any advice guys?
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  1. Do you have an idea what upgrades you'd like to have? And what budget will you be working with?
    I'm guessing you're thinking about upgrades for gaming? Knowing that, and your budget, we can make some good suggestions for you.
  2. im thinking of doing it bit by bit each month as its the easier was i can afford it.
    i got the pc off my parents and when i saw the specs on the HP website, the processer and graphics card seemed good for most games (according to recommended specs given with game) but it doesnt seem to live upto the standards i excpected.

    i had a look at the power supply and its 230v
    according to a forum i saw, for what my computer has (processor, g-card, blu-ra etc) that seems very very low and there was a dispute if that would impact performance

    ideally i would like to see what best upgrades i can get with my current CPU and see if its worth saving up for a new pc or buying parts myself
  3. purplemunky09 said:
    it doesnt seem to live upto the standards i excpected
    What is that standard? What games do you like? What screen resolution will you be using?

    Geforce 9300GE is a budget low performance video card. You'd be hard pressed to say you could play modern games at 1650x1080 resolution.
  4. Here is a review of the Geforce 9300.

    How much of a budget do you have to work with right now?
  5. given an idea as to how much you might want to spend over the next 12months would give us a spec to aim for, or tell us what you'd like to be able to do, i.e. 22" widecsreen gaming with reasonable eye candy would allow us to tell you a price. Then the PSU can be specced, as it is a good place to start.
  6. I would. The one you have is only 300W. It'll make a handy spare to have on hand for future testing.
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