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I have a BFG GeForce GTS 250. this card has a 2-pin Toslink digital audio cable jack up near the SLI jumpers.
im running an ASUS P5Q Turbo Motherboard with VIA HD 7.1 onboard Audio.

now for my question. What Line or and jack on the mobo, if any, is used to bridge the Audio from the MOBO to the Video Card?

Apparently, the DVI port has a special feed that if you use the HDMI adapter, you can get audio streamed through it.
I want to try this, but I need to Find what the Connector is that plugs into the Vidcard from the motherboard.

thanks in advance.
(full system specs in my profile)

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  1. Are you trying to get sound out from your gpu to the mobo, or from the mobo to the gpu, because if the latter is true, it impossible.

    GPu ports, both video(DVI/HDMI) and audio only allow output and not input
  2. I want to Output audio from the GPU to my HDTV. i want to bring the signal from the motherboard, to the GPU then from the GPU to the TV. follow?

    I do not want to INPUT audio into GPU via DVI/HDMI.

    so i need to know where on the motherboard I plug the 2-pin Toslink digital audio cable that runs to the videocard.
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    An S/PDif cable is what you need. The 2-pin version, I think... (?) Contact BFG (or other nVidia partners) to see if they have them. Most e-tailers and retailers only sell optical S/PDif cables, with a few selling the 4-pin variety used with CD/DVD-ROMs.
  4. UPDATE - after some intensive research and a call to BFG, I figured out that it is indeed a S/PDIF 2 pin internal cable. Raz is right, its tough to track one down, but i got one on order now through a little computer shop in my area. Also I learned that the BFG Nividia GeForce 250 GTS 1GB DDR3 Video card CAN send audio through the DVI port as long as you got the HDMI adapter on it. it has special pins in the DVI plug that meshes into the HDMI pins. So there ya go, for anyone who was ever wondering.
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